September 6, 2004


So today, around 1130am, I went down stairs to grab a bite to eat, only to discover the cafeteria is closed for labor day. Damn, cuz I was real hungry. So I head out to go find something to eat in the big great Champaign Urbana area. I realize my bike is still over at the APX house, so I walk over there, since the buses aren't running today either.

I arrive at the house, unchain my bike and set out. I decide I'll do a lap around the quad before grabbin a bite to eat. But a lap around the quad wasn't enough. I started heading east into the abyss that is Urbana. Past downtown, I kept saying, "one more block," and "just to the top of this hill." Untill all i could see in every direction was corn and soybeans. I took Washington in Urbana till it didn't go any further, and headed north, past 74 for a few miles.

it started raining, which was fine cuz i was gettin hot, seeing how it was about 85 degrees today. so I'm cruisin up some random numbered county road, cornstalks on eitherside of me and i decide to start headin back. I approached an intersection, about a mile past the point that I decided to turn at the next availibile cross street. I was goin a little quick for the corner i was takin, so i braked a bit, and the rear tire locked and i slid sideways. I layed off the brake but at this point it was futile, and I slid across the freshly watered pavement through a muddy puddle and into a ditch. Quite terrifying, tossing the bike and thinking i might've jacked up my knee again. I layed in the grassy ditch for a few seconds assessing the damage on myself, and came to the conclusion i landed square on my ass. Not exactly sure how i managed that, but my tailbone was hurtin and my knee was fine. I wasn't scraped up at all. So I stand up, pick up the bike and put the chain back on.

The adrenaline rush of spillin the bike got me movin quick again, but my energy was quickly drained. I struggled to keep a decent speed up, and short bursts of excess energy got me movin, but a strong headwind held me back. I finally got back on campus, and got off the bike.... good god... I don't think my legs have ever hurt this much. But it'll prolly be worse tomorrow. We'll see.

so how going to get lunch turned into a bike ride that was just over 20 miles, i don't know, but it was a good time. I think I'm going to start biking regularly now. maybe i'll catch up to jon's skills

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