October 17, 2004

my weekend

what was going to be three guys going to a friends party turned into everyone and their brother going. but it was a good time.

thursday nick invited me to his party, saying i deserved a break. he told me dan, mike, and i should go to his party friday night up at his apartment at northwestern. thursday night we decided we'd go. by the time we got there we had more than doubled our numbers. carrie wanted to go home that weekend and decided to tag along, rob and kordik got rides from the swistons, who went home for their dad's birthday, and jodi, despite going home to see her family, came with us.

i'm kinda glad everybody came, cuz it probably would've been rather lame had they not all come. i guess if it was just mike, dan and i we probably would've mingled with nicks friends, but if it was more than just the three of us we probably would've been antisocial and sat in the corner. which is what happened, but since there were 7 of us, and matt and steph came too, the 9 of us had a good time. and i dont think the northwestern people thought too highly of us. they were all dressed as though they were at a dinner party. i dont think anyone drank the keg except us and nick, maybe one or two beers for a random northwesterner, but it was basically us that did all the beer drinking.

:: musical interlude ::

if i get drunk well i'll pass out
on the floor now baby
you won't bother me no more
if you're drinkin' well you know
that you're my friend and i say
i think i'll have myself a beer.

today's episode has been brought to you by a couple of wild and crazy guys:

Welcome back to our show. so yeah, it was almost like a college party within a dinner party. we were rediculous. mike was wrapped in toilet paper by carrie, then directed through the crowd of northwesterners making moaning frankenstein (a la "Wastes a minute of our time") noises, apparently no one thought that was funny but us.

long story short, northwesterners' parties can't hold a candle to u of i parties. i suppose every party has its place and time, but if there's a keg, then its the place and time for a kegger. saturday, mike, carrie and i went back to villa park to pick up jodi, kordik and rob, and drop carrie at home. they had left early that morning from nicks, and the 3 of us stayed and went out to breakfast with matt, steph and nick.

mike, jodi, rob, kordik and i went to isu to drop kordik off then came back to champaign. we went to taco bell for dinner then to a thrift store for halloween browsing. (side note, i got the best 8 dollar coat money can buy on friday at a thrift store. see the pics to see the coat i'm talkin about)

saturday night mike and i kinda wanted to go out, but adam suggested seeing Team America. How could we pass that up? the movie was absolutely high-freakin-larious. "America! Fuck Yeah!!" so rob, mike, adam, jared and i went to that, then went back to the bfh. rob went home to study; mike, adam and i got pizza and watched Narc; and i have no idea what happened to jared. we finished the movie around 230 and sat around and talked with corey when he came home till close to 4... i think, anyway. i wasnt paying much attention.

i slept in dan's bed since he was still at home (why sleep on a couch when there'a perfectly good bed availible), and woke up around 130 and came home. and that was my weekend. so... yep. thats that. i think i'm gonna go to bed early tonight, cuz i'm tired.

song of the weekend: Kanye West - New Workout Plan
new reccomended song: (reccomended by carrie, and now by me to you) Incubus - I Miss You (accoustic version... find it, download it. its awesome)

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Damn, good ole conan. I almost forgot about Frankenstein all together.....I think its all the beer Ive been drinking lately....almost as much as you guys.

Posted by: Pandymen at October 19, 2004 11:24 AM

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