October 25, 2004

for some reason, i cant get onto my blog directly from newman. i gotta go through proxies. gaytastic. anyway, to the comment spammer: i hate you. i thought somebody was actually reading all my posts, somebody that i didnt know. that woulda been cool, but alas, not true. its just some freakin spammer. spamming on blogs. what will they come up with next?

but i digress.

this weekend was fun, i was a blue man for tails (apx's halloween party). the neck didnt last long, it started peeling about 2 hours into the night, but i only did one layer of latex. so this weekend i know i gotta do at least 2 layers, particularly the neck. i also know how long it takes, so i wont end up being ready to go 2 hours too early. . . i also dont know how difficult it will be to get into the bar... i mean, they id you, and if you dont look like your pic then you dont get in. i guess they could just quiz me on all my personal info.

i kinda want to go to the yellowcard show on thursday, but i doubt there's any tickets left; if there are any, i'm sure they're way in the back. which isnt a big deal, but i'd kinda like to be closer. i guess i'll leave it up to carrie, if she wants to go, i'll go with her.

i'm excited about halloween. i love halloween, its so much fun. dressin up, its all awesome. i think we need another holiday to dress up for, sometime in the spring. kick ass costumes are where its at. i wish i had a good pic from last year, my frankenstein costume was sweet (props to rob on my scars).

and now for something that i did a couple posts ago, and dan is doing too. song time. he calls it song of the moment, mine was song of the weekend. originally i was gonna have song of the week, weekend, day, hour, and moment... but i was a bit more ambitious than i actually am, but i digress. today's song reccommendation is a relaxing tune.... well, not so much relaxing as ... iunno, its just a fun instrumental piece thats been used in a lot of movie previews lately. its called Nara by E.S. Posthumus. find it. listen to it. its good stuff. another good lyricless song is a cover by Dream Academy of a song by The Smiths called Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want. if you recognize it, its used in the art institute scene of Ferris Beuller's Day Off.

recap: halloween rocks, and listen to Nara and Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want.

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