October 28, 2004

more crazy writings

continuing this story in an entirely new direction:

"My thoughts exactly," she muttered as she reached under the counter. The counter exploded sending a hail of bullets at Stan. He threw the jar of cinnamon at her head, exploding in a cloud of brown dust as it hit her square between the eyes.

he ran out the door, flipping a newpaper holder and garbage cans behind him as he sprinted down the hall. scraping the cinnamon out of her eyes, the girl walked around the corner in time to see stan run out the door. he ran towards the bike racks and put his hat back just as he heard a beep followed by a bike shattering explosion. his trek went up in flames, and he took off on foot.

pushing a midwest stranded surfer off his skateboard, he stole the board and ran up the stairs into the english building. throwing the board on the ground he flew through the halls. "HOLD THAT DOOR!"

the confused, dreary-eyed college kid at the door did as instructed and stan jumped up to grind down the rail. suddenly he was nearly knocked off his newly acquired board by the girl on a moped. "It's over, kid!" she yelled over the buzz of her 1 cylinder engine, "give it up!"

"Never!" stan yelled as he scooped up a fallen branch from the street and stabbed it into the spokes of her tire. he executed a quick 180 grabbing the back of the newspaper delivery truck as the girl flew over the handlebars.


i'll continue more later. probably in another entirely different direction. song reccomendation of post: Eve 6 "anytime." as heard in the movie "out cold"

Posted by hollimer at October 28, 2004 12:19 AM | TrackBack

I love the visual of the shotgun blasting through the counter- but why didn't it hit Stan? Oh wait I guess you never said it was a shotgun... Then he throws.. a jar of cinnamon? Hehe- that just strikes me as funny. I picture this little tiny container of cinnamon thrown like a girl. Maybe if some glass shards were involved... or the jar was HUGE and Stan had to lift it over his head with two hands.
I guess I just want more violence.

Good work.

Posted by: Marv at October 28, 2004 3:49 PM
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