October 28, 2004

short new chapter, and in a slightly different direction

see the 2 previous posts for the rest of the story.
Another crazy turn of events in a day of the life of stan:

cruising along in tow behind the truck, he looked down at his hole filled shirt sleeve. stan let go of the truck, coasting through the intersection just missing getting hit by a bus and a crazy, no doubt, female driver. to the average person it looked like an amazing feat of luck, but he knew better.

as he slipped through the traffic, not even noticing cars were present, he pulled up his shirt sleeve. "huh," he thought, "she got me." he muttered, "meh, c'est la vie," as he flexed his exposed, bullet-pierced arm, causing each hole to pull itself shut and fade away to normal.

"another day, another death-dodging experience."

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