October 31, 2004

stuff and things

i love halloween. it was a lot of fun, this weekend. andrew from apx suggested i be luigi with him as mario for halloween next year. i'd be down. i gotta see the pics of my bro, he went as mario this year. my costume kicked ass, so that was cool. rob was jack... captain jack sparrow. and a mighty kick ass one, i must say. but he's super into halloween, so of course he'd have an amazing costume... or two. being a blue man was freakin awesome, everybody recognized me. i even came up with a good pick up line. not that i actually used it, but these girls came up to me and were like "so what are you? blue balls?" and then it occured to me... what an awesome pick up line! "Hey baby, i'm blue ballin, wanna help me out?" yeah, but thats not me. although hot chicks do like the blue man. maybe i should be bmg all the time. got me more ladies than regular holler ever did. that jerk. screw regular holler, blue holler's way better.

i officially took the plunge into metrosexuality... ok, its not really that big of a deal, but i bought some jeans from express. i like 'em, they're pretty comfy, and they got the debbie/carrie stamp of approval, so thats good. what else is new.... been sick lately. so thats blowy, but i'm feelin a lot better today, so thats cool.

oh man, awesome asian food from this chinese resturant we call "delicious chinese food" cuz thats what their sign says. i think its really called number 1 wok or something, but "deliscious chinese food" is funnier. anyway, had the fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. not only was it really good, it was only 40 bucks to feed 8 of us.

rob's watching an episode of the cartoon show "denver the last dinosaur" he downloaded. i never realized how rediculous that show was. but whateva, childhood tv shows are cool. downloaded the daniel tosh stand up finally. that guy is high-freakin-larious.

so.... lets see... what else what else what else.... i got nothing... hmmm well, time for today's recommendations on random subjects:
food-delicious chinese
music- Jay-Zeezer - "Yeah in the Sun"
holiday- halloween
holler- blue

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