November 4, 2004

hot tub workouts

why do internet jerks have to be so jerky? they keep spammin the crap out of my comments. fucking assholes. although one of the comments was kinda funny: "today is a good day to send a slinky down an escalator." sounds like fun, dispite the asshole-ness of irrelevence; but i digress.... so after some thinking, figuring, and planning i've come to the conclusion, thanks to rob's reasoning, that a homemade hot tub at the BFH would not work/be economical. although it could be super cool/fun.

nothing much to talk about... goin home on friday, gonna take jack to see the Incredibles. that looks like a good movie. goin out to eat with the family that night, after my doctor's appointment in the afternoon.... i really hope she gives me the ok to play basketball, and even if she doesnt, i think i'm gonna start playin some anyway. she said that i just needed to get some bulk back into my thigh, and it's getting better. and playing basketball will definitely help me get some more muscle tone. i need to start working out more, not just cardio either. for some reason all i can make myself do to any sort of extreme is cardio. i can push myself in running till i puke, i've done it a couple times. usually i let up a bit when i start to get ill, but sometimes i'm too far by the time i ease up... and one time i was trying to hurt myself. not in a bad way, i just needed to release some tension/frustration. anyway, i always have difficulty pushing myself in resistence training. maybe its cuz i know i can't do much to begin with, and dont want anyone to see me max out at such low numbers. but hey, not gonna get any better without doin it.

well, time for bed. but first, today's reccomendations:
workout plan- resistence... or maybe kanye
buffet- bobo china
espn documentary- chicago bulls 98 championship season
song- Remy Zero "Perfect Memory"
instrumental song(s)- Sigur Ros - "Ba Ba" off the "Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do" EP the whole ep is cool, individually though, ba ba stands out for me. (thanks to kordik for the sorta recommendation).
movie trailer- ocean's 12. i'm excited, arent you?

Posted by hollimer at November 4, 2004 2:56 AM | TrackBack

You would not work/be economonical, biotch!

Posted by: Dan P at November 4, 2004 6:11 PM

The Incredibles is going to be super cool. I have a friend who went here to UofI that had an internship at Pixar in Fall 2002. He was working on the Incredibles way back then. So I've been hearing about this movie for like 2 years because of him, and I'm super excited to see it. Plus I will get to see my friend's name in the credits! How cool is that?

Posted by: Joanne at November 5, 2004 8:21 AM

Hey holler you need to work the machines at IMPE. I kinda shy away from free weights myself. I usually try and go on tuesdays and the weekends. Lemme know if you wanna go!

Posted by: Jon at November 6, 2004 2:39 AM
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