November 11, 2004

its late, and i'm still twitchin

freakin caffeine... how do you spell that. meh, whateva. i'm about to go to bed... only kinda tired... shouldn't have had that big cappuccino at 8, but whateva. live and learn.

not much to report. goin to the LBC show on saturday at canopy, so that should be fun. and going to the Dog and Everything show on friday and either going out, going to apx for beer pong tourny, or back to bfh to hang with kordik and his isu buddies... who knows. whatever the outcome, i'm sure it'll be fun.

aw man, i forgot the university BOT meeting is tomorrow morning... i was gonna go to that, but i doubt i'll be wanting to wake up for that shiz in 3-4 hours from now. meh, we'll see if i'm even woken up by my alarm.

well, thats all for now. today's recommendations:
-song: Damien Rice "The Blower's Daughter"
-movie: "The Rules of Attraction"
-live show: Lucky Boys Confusion
-pasttime: dollar origami

goodnight shampoo bannana.

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