November 15, 2004

this weekend reports and rants

it said fok karina on the wall we were leanin on

anyway, all you readers out there in internet land, i know you're wondering how our hero is doing these days. and this is how he's doing: spiffy.

iunno, nothing much to report. friday was just chillin at the bfh with everybody. kordik came to visit, we wined it up and the girls got pretty friendly. (not that friendly, you sicko... get your mind outta the gutter.) so yeah, kordik and his friend roy were there. never met roy before (cue rocky/starbucks music) ROY ROY ROY! but he's a cool guy.... so yeah, we were at bfh for a while, then an elite few left the rest of us to go to an after hours party.

i dont particularly care if you can only take a certain number of people to something, but i've been feeling like i'm getting ditched a ton lately. maybe its just me being paranoid, but its still frustrating. i dont really care about going to the teps for any party that they're having, but when my friends dont feel it necessary to include me, it irks (did i just make up that word?) me. i mean, it doesnt seem like one more person would really be that big of a deal. are they worried about fire codes and maximum capacities or something? if this was a one time thing, i dont think it would bug me so much, but it seems like people are always goin over to the house or swanky bubbles to watch a movie, or goin out to eat or whatever, and i get left on the wayside. i know its not all the time, but for some reason it still gets to me when it does happen. maybe i feel like i'm giving a lot and i'm getting screwed. i always invite everybody to the apx parties (even though that doesnt cost me any money, its still me helpin out my friends), i think i usually pay my fair share, and sometimes more. i dont do it with expectations of anyone being in debt to me, but it'd be nice to get some sorta thanks. i dont think anybody even blinked when i bought the second round of boones on friday. iunno, maybe they did and i just missed it.

ok, done ranting about that. dont mean to be a whiny bitch, thats just how i'm feelin' lately, a bit short-changed. so yeah, people left to go do whatever, so i broke into dan's room and slept in his bed... i really need to stop breakin into locked doors... i feel like i am gonna wind up a criminal. meh, maybe i'll be like brad pitt in ocean's 11. i could handle robbing a casino and scoring a cool 15 mil. anyway, broke into dan's room and slept till about 3-330 when he came home and kicked me out, then slept on the futon. saturday, a bunch of us went to ihop, then i came home and chilled in the room till the corey and jon came over and we finished off a leftover bottle of wine and headed over to the canopy club for the lucky boys confusion show. awesome show, as they always are. my ribs are a bit sore from getting crushed by the moshers, but it was a lot of fun. being taller, i can at least stretch up to get a breath of "fresh" air (its still super smokey, but at least the air isnt so thick with perspiration). after the show, drenched in my own sweat, the sweat of those around me during the show, and beer from the performers who sprayed the crowd at the end, we made our way back to newman. it was about 30 degrees outside, so we froze pretty quick... so that sucked, but its only a 4 minute walk from canopy to newman, so that wasnt too bad.

took a quick shower, then headed over to bfh and watched die hard 2. never seen that before, so that was cool, but i shoulda just stayed home and slept in my bed. there really wasnt much of a purpose of going all the fuck out there, but whateva. went to taco bell for breakfast/lunch at about 2 this afternoon, then mike, dan and i went to the illini basketball game. we were late, totally missed the first half, but its only exhibition, so whateva. when we got there right as halftime started, it was something like 43 to 23. it was rediculous. final score was like 92 to 61. there were some amazing, harlem-globtrotter-esque plays for the illini. very cool stuff. then we went back to bfh, ordered way too much papa johns pizza and watched happy gilmore, after arguing over watching american beauty or tommy boy. i had my heart set on american beauty, kinda have for the last few weeks, but whateva havent seen happy gilmore in a long time, and that is one high-larious movie. so yeah, that was my weekend. rock and or roll.

tonights recommendations are brought to you by the letter S:
*song- "Eskimo" - Damien Rice (hidden tracks are cool... kinda wish they werent hidden so i dont have to search for them, but whateva)
*live show- Lucky Boys Confusion
*live show that you'll never be able to see- Dynamite Boy (the lbc show was their last performance)
*taco bell product- Cheesy Gordita Crunch
*NCAA Basketball Team- ILLINI! (w00t)
*random quote to start a blog entry- "Girl Eyes" lyrics (Eve 6)

Posted by hollimer at November 15, 2004 2:47 AM | TrackBack

man we thought you left us for the teps too, otherwise we woulda invited you to kelly's. . .

Posted by: Jon at November 15, 2004 9:51 AM

first off, no one was too friendly. maybe less inhibited...but thats about it. and if it makes you feel better we were at teps for a grand total of maybe 30 minutes. for real. but boones and spoons night is gonna kick as so its ok. get ready to cry.

Posted by: Carrie at November 17, 2004 4:50 PM
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