November 18, 2004

today was beautiful

days go by and still i think of you

random quotes are how i'm gonna start posts from now on... so deal with it. or not, whateva. meh, thats a crappy one to start with. sounds sad, life isnt sad. not today, today was beautiful. it was amazing. dont know why, but today i felt amazing, for the first time in a very long time.

and in light of that, i'm starting over.

"i love my canoe"

yeah. thats better. anyway, today was amazing. i mean, it wasnt anything really all that spectacular, but it was great. i dont know why. i guess i came to the realization that life is to short to not love every single minute of it. sure some minutes you arent gonna be as happy as others, but its all gonna balance out in the end. last night i came home by myself from the house, and rob never came home. not that it matters, it was just odd is all. so i went to bed at like 3, kinda late but not so much as of late. i opened the blinds a little bit before i went to bed, dont really know why. thought it might make getting up a little easier in the morning. i was super right. alarm went off at 830, i dont really remember what was playing on (cue radio voiceover) "107.1 WPGU 'No Rules Radio.'" i just remember that i like the song, and have no idea who did it or what its called. not just cuz i was half awake, but cuz i havent found out yet. i thought about scribbling down a few lyrics so i could look it up later, but i left my notepad on my desk... just out of reach from my bed. i listened to the song, then hit the snooze and climbed outta bed when it went off ten minutes later. then i wrote in my notebook a little. yeah, i keep a notebook and a blog. what's it to ya? off to class, which apparently i've been to covert about as of late, but whateva. i mean, no i dont go as often as i should, but come on... these lectures are retardedly boring. whats the difference if i sleep through them there or in my bed, right? anyway, went to one class at 9, then decided it was too beautiful to be holed up in some dark lecture hall... well, Temple Buell Hall isnt really dark, but whatever, its not as nice as outside. so i went for a stroll for some bonding time with my ipod. i should name my ipod... hmm.... i name everything stella, so i think i'll pass on that. meh, maybe something will come to me later. lucille? whatever. then i met up with dan, mike, rob, jodi, rachel, and carrie for some lunch at this little asian place up sixth from newman. it wasnt anything spectacular... no bobo by any standards... not even a panda. mmmm... i could go for some panda. anyway, i really wanted to go play some basketball, but dan and mike were working, and rob seem disinterested, so i decided i'd grab a ball and go shoot around on my own. but for some reason newman got rid of their basketballs since last year. i decided it was too nice of a day to go to impe, so i went running instead. ran around the quad once then over to my parking garage... i call it "my parking garage," which i know sounds odd, but its where i always send people to park and go running, so screw you. its mine. i did three laps up and down it, the third trip up i did a dozen "grape-vines" across one of the flat portions of the structure. then i did some push ups and situps. was gonna do some pullups, but couldnt find any good bars in the building, and wasnt really interested in finding any anywhere else. then back down the garage and outside, another trip around the quad. collapsed on the grass for a minute and took off my knee brace... its amazing how much that thing helps, and how much it hurts when i take it off. i mean, not unbearable, but i cant feel anything when i'm wearing it. i walked home, iced my knee for a half hour, took a shower, ate dinner and watched 2 hours of smallville. then rob, carrie, and i went to target and meijer. bought some goldfish, carrie bought one and put it in dan's fishtank with Holden (his big fish) which chased it all over the place. then he seemed to have given up, so we left and i checked back a couple minutes later and there was a tail hanging out of holden's mouth... woops. well, it seemed like he was choking on it, so i tried to grab him to pull the fish out of him, but he finally coughed it up in the chase. so that was... interesting.. then we watched comedy central cartoons and the movie "Elf" that rob bought at target. and then came home... so thats that.

time for bed.... oh yeah! today was about 70 degrees, thats why it was so beautiful... not to mention it was fairly sunny towards the afternoon. man it was nice. 67 is the high tomorrow. i love nice weather... freakin winter. although it is christmas... ;) ok, bedtime for real now. but before that, i'll leave you with a few recommendations:

lighthearted christmas movie for the whole family starring will ferrel: Elf
digital-age gizmo: Apple iPod... do yourself a favor and splurge on one. they're awesome to have.
thing to do on a beautiful day: play basketball... or run if you cant get ahold of a bball

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lets hear it for gigantic ass paragraphs... congrats if you made it all the way through that beast.

Posted by: hollimer at November 18, 2004 2:56 AM
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