November 21, 2004

formal madness

radio plays my favorite song

last night was formal... that was fun. far too many of the girls in the house brought dates... well, ok only like 3 did, but still too many. the only ok thing about that is the guys they brought didnt want to dance at all, so finding someone to dance with was no problem whatsoever. there was some... interestingness (if there is such a word) between hector and vicki's "date," merideth. they disappeared at the end of the night... apparently they got their own room. but i'm not speculating anything.... planning on posting pics later, prolly when i get back to school. can't wait till camping in rachel's backyard later this week. man my knee is hurtin. for some reason when i just chill with my knee bent in the same position for extended periods of time (i.e. sittin in the backseat of a small car for three hours) it makes my knee hurt a lot.

i want to get a group of people together to go up to the dells some other time, and stay at a nicer place. this place was nice, but i wanna go to one other places with the huge indoor waterparks. that would be awesome. that's all for now.

random overnight- wisconsin dells
french band- Telepopmusic. light techno, as andrew put it. reminded me of the postal service's sound. the song i heard didnt have vocals, dont know if any of their songs do. gotta find their stuff when i get back to school.
random new animal- an itty bitty kitten. about the size of a 6 inch subway sub. its a girl... jack wants to name her "crystal" (is that how you spell that?) but my vote is for "Spaz." her fur is real thin and sticks strait out. when she runs around her back legs go all over the place. i think its a perfectly good fitting name.

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