November 30, 2004

thanksgiving break. long time no post

i was waiting for a crosstown train in the london underground, when it struck me.

so... lets see. well, it looks like its been over a week since i last posted, but thats not entirely true. i posted some stuff, and realized i didnt want it out in the open, so you dont get to read that. so deal. anyway... thanksgiving break was... meh, it was good. formal was fun, i guess i already wrote about that, though. then what happened? went bowling and then to steak and shake. went camping in rachel's backyard, but dan was missing parts of his tent so we couldnt set it up so we all slept in the garage. ended up snowing, woke up to like a quarter inch of accumulation. left later that afternoon when there was a few inches down on top of the slush, making it about as slippery as you could ever want. wed we played basketball at my church for like 2 and a half hours. thursday was thanksgiving, i didnt do anything then. friday met with sarah and went and saw two movies by myself... more on the sarah stuff some other day... i've written some, but... well, the gist of getting together was to recoup some sorta friendship. i "know too much," i was told. and i really want to be friends, but i dont know if its gonna work or not. i really want it to, but its hard to be friends with someone you were so close with, someone you still want to be that close with, when they dont want it. thats enough of that... happy things... saw alexander and pulp fiction on saturday. came back to school sunday, ate at bobo. oh bobo, how i missed thee. then last night i was in my room, getting settled back in and there was a pop/snap sound from my computer. then the room smelled of burnt plastic and the computer mysteriously turned off. tried turning it back on, no response, so i figured it was the powersource. went to bestbuy this afternoon and got a new one, and i'm back in action. went to storytime at APX tonight (it's live-in week for the pledges, we have storytime at midnight every night). i read one of my trumpet books, about the basics of the "attack" which is all about tonguing (sp?). and yeah, thats all for now. time for bed.

-storyteller: stu (scott stewart of APX)
-most practical gadget ever: iPod (i'll never stop raving over it)
-place to be: school, not home
-if you are at home: white castle

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Holler is a computer genious

Posted by: Marv at November 30, 2004 3:33 AM

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Brett Morris

Posted by: Brett Morris at November 30, 2004 6:17 AM

thanks kordik, but i'm no genius. i just know enough to get by when my compy's head asplode.

Posted by: hollimer at November 30, 2004 3:56 PM
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