December 6, 2004

troubled lucky hubble boys. confusion? stubhy. iunno

I'm getting closer, closer the farther I drive away

the day: saturday. the time: sometime after 7. the place: green street (za's, to be more precise). we bust out the doors to head over to rachel's to chill before the troubled hubble/LBC concert. i step out the door and see jodi and carrie walking east.

"hey jodi, hey carrie, hey... stubhy?!?" apparently adam and stubhy of LBC were lost on the corner of 6th and green. they asked jodi and carrie, who were passing by, for directions. they were walking past za's as we stepped outside. dan, mike, and i were dumbfounded. jodi and carrie explained the situation, and i said we could walk them to the show... it was the most amazing and outrageous series of events/coincidences ever, to say the least.

the show was awesome. troubled hubble is high-larious. lbc accoustic is amazing. they even played "dumb pop song" with a country-style twang, which was hilarious and awesome. i need more adjectives in my hilarious, awesome vocabulary.

illini basketball is number one in the country on both polls this week. game tonight at 7. gonna kick some chicago state ass. so rock on with that. said some stuff i maybe shouldnt have yesterday. i could blame tiredness, but thats a copout. i didnt say anything i didnt feel. i didnt say anything i dont believe. to most of our readers this all means nothing, but to one of you... well i dont know what it means. i'm not sorry for what i said. so yeah... way to end on a downnote, ryan.

song: Dave Matthews "Grace is Gone" (props to carrie's favorite song)
basketball team: the number one ranked Fighting Illini!!
stress buster: middle of the night runs... champaign urbana is creepily unpopulated at 3 AM on a monday... never seen the quad so desolate. i dont know whats creepier: running for a half hour and seeing no one, or if i had seen one other person out there.
thing to make you smile: girls cross country running and singing christmas carols around the quad, through the union, and down the streets of campus, all decked out in red and green and jingle bells and and reindeer antlers and santa hats.

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