December 14, 2004

sup in a mayon, lately

to all my loyal readers out there (aka "i'm supposed to be doing homework but lets check the kordix blogs first" readers), i apologize for not having had something up here (to distract you from real work) as of late. been busy studying for finals and writing the 3rd point of view to dan's story. haven't posted that cuz i've got three totally different drafts and i dont really like any of them. anyway, finals are done so i'll churn out some rendition of that story sometime soon.

so... whats been happening with me lately. hmmm... saturday brend and i went out to the bar to pick up chicks, or something. wound up just gettin drunk and talkin with brend all night. it was still fun, the random Axe (the body spray stuff) girl coming over to talk to us was an odd experience. it was as though she was trying to sell us something, but they werent really selling anything. whatever...

study some, avoid studying some. take a couple tests. and that brings us to today. tuesday. scrubs. sweet. and goin out to celebrate the end of the semester. rock on.

a more evenful post tomorrow, hopefully.

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