December 16, 2004

big fucking bear

so i'm not completely sober, but i'm not wasted... its a slight buzz. just sober enough to feel that eating half a pizza is too much... but 5 bucks for a large 1 topping pizza, how can i resist? anyway... what's happened in the past couple days?

well, last night we went to clybourne. brend talked to this chick who was with this guy... it was weird at first till we discovered that he was gay (as she put it, "he sucks at darts, but is good for picking up guys"). so yeah, he talked to her, and supposedly would've wound up going home with her and having a threesome with her roommate, but didnt want to leave mike's coat in the booth... frankly i'd sacrifice my coat if it led to a friend getting a threesome ;) but seriously, he could've just called us and been like, come get this, i'm leaving. anyway... she left, he got her number and then we sat down at another table.

we wound up talking to this girl who, as far as i can remember, was very attractive. she was 5'9", blonde (crimped hair, i'm a fan), and very cute.... of course, she is a senior, and i drunkenly said i was 20 and a jr.... whoops.... i guess it wouldnt matter so much, except that we talked for a long time and seemed to hit it off, even if only on a drunken level. she gave me her number, and i gave her mine. she kept telling me how she isnt normally attracted to blondes, so i should feel lucky to be the exception... i do, but i dont think its going to amount to anything... moral of the story: always tell the truth, no matter how drunk you are.

tonight we had a boones farm happy hour, i got a little drunk and laid it on thick, picked dan's bedroom lock (cause i can, and deep down i think i'm a theif or something), went to legends, then carrie and i left and went to one world pizza for the 5 dollar pizza i ate too much of, and now i'm here. so thats about it... time for bed, right after these reccomendations:

song - Smoking Popes - "Pretty Pathetic" i dont really feel like this, at least not much, anymore... but its still a good song.
bar - clybourne... by far my favorite atmosphere in the campus bar realm.
cheap drunk food - one world's 5 dollar large one topping pizza
amazing female musician that i stole from my ex-girlfriend - keri noble... amazing voice. freakin beautiful. so rock on. (album is called fearless. hard to find, but well worth the search if ur into beautiful vocals and piano and such)

that last recommendation got me thinking... i'm not upset about it, just curious. the thing i'm curious about is how she... i know i can't drop it (she was the biggest part of my life for the last year, so fuck off and stop judging me), but how could she get so upset over some guy she's been dating for two months (or so, assuming she jumped him the day we split) yet when we ended the only thing she seemed was angry? was i that bad of a boyfriend. i know i wasnt the best, i could've been better... it just got me thinking is all.

if you just read that and were offended, i dont really care anymore. the story is staying up, this extended entry is staying up. its my life. you have no say anymore. so go cry on his shoulder, cuz i'm not listening anymore.

Posted by hollimer at December 16, 2004 1:42 AM | TrackBack

Wait, brend was gonna have a threesome with a gay guy. That's interesting. I think you left your pizza box in the hall.

Posted by: Griegs at December 16, 2004 1:52 AM

no, the gay guy wasnt the roommate... two different people. the roommate was a chick... i think. and yes, i did ditch the pizza box in the hall. i didnt want it stinkin up our room

Posted by: hollimer at December 16, 2004 3:02 PM
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