December 19, 2004

life the universe and everything

So... saturday night. late. I should be packing, but, as per usual i procrastinate even later than the latest possible second. i'm sure i'll end up forgetting something and getting pissed. but whatever. i'm really not looking forward to going home. i mean, its not so much i dont want to go home as much as it is i feel i have no reason to go home. everything i want and need is usually down here, so i guess i need to follow some of it home. there is nothing at "home" for me. sure there's family, but i've grown apart from them in the last year and a half. there's nothing that i miss all that much back there. sure its nice to see family and sleep in a bigger bed, but over the last few months i've become used to my usual bed. my usual room.

my room at home seems so sterile and bland compared to here. sure, you could state the arguement that the state of my dorm room is far from clean. i'd agree with you, but at the same time it's cozy. the plain white walls are masked with posters, the shelves are filled with dvd's and books, there's an inflatable aligator in the corner, a few stagnant old "Taz" airfresheners hang from the fan, two old batman cards fill a small blank space next to the shelves over the tv, there's a fishtank with a couple plain goldfish next to my bed, an original nintendo system, a wine bottle with a goldfish living comfortably inside, and more often than not the room is lit by strings of white christmas lights.

the one thing my room does lack, though, is real life pictures. sure there's prints of dali, van gogh, and hopper. there's a big batman logo and a poster of various corvette models. i've got 4 actual photographs on display in my room: 1 of me and rob in and court jester and king costume, respectively; one of me and rob after our showchoir concert; 1 of me and phil at prom; and one of mike wearing the hulk hands on his elbows at my graduation party. the last one is only out because it covers the frame on which i stuck it, to hide a prom picture. thats one thing of the digital age that i kinda dont like... i mean, i love having a digital camera, but it sucks that i dont have prints to hang everywhere. i guess i could print them up, but my printer's kinda crappy and i dont want to buy a new ink cartridge every few weeks. meh, whatever. maybe i'll make some good black and white images and print them up in the newman hall computer lab.

meh, whatever. i'm goin home. maybe i'll paint my room or something while i'm home. or do a mural of some sort. i always wanted to do that but my parents said no. my dad said i could do it on the walls in the basement... whoopee.

iunno. long story short. i dont want to go home, and i'm not really happy here. i mean, i like the company, but i dont know that this is right. maybe i'll just up and move to the west coast or something. somewhere where there is no bitingly cold wind. iunno. i need to finish packing and get some sleep. i'm tired.

Posted by hollimer at December 19, 2004 3:06 AM | TrackBack

Thats kinda funny- on my car ride home I decided that I needed to redo *my* room. I drew up a project outline and diagrams and now I'm in the process of doing it. Down will come my wallpaper.. everything thats in my room will be gone.. painting will ensue.. new simplistic computer desk and new room layout, and BOOM! New room.

Maybe I'll run into you on the west coast, we'll "do lunch", and the next day our homes and possessions will be washed away by a hurricane. Then we'll be bums with sensitive skin. You can make a coconut trumpet and I'll make a coconut bass, and we'll play for people as they throw money into a coconut. Then we'll be discovered by some rich models with hearts of gold who will take us in. Two months later a hurricane will take their homes and possessions leaving us two homeless men with sensitive skin and two very hot homeless models. But at least we'll have the coconuts.

Posted by: Marv at December 19, 2004 8:03 AM

If you really don't want to stay at home you guys could organize a road trip to come pick me up on Tuesday since my ride isn't leaving until Wednesday night now.

Posted by: allison at December 19, 2004 6:07 PM

It's funny cause he did end up forgetting his hamper full of clothes after he was afraid he'd forget something, but we all do that. Last christmas I decided to paint my walls, the white was killing me. But now I don't want to put posters up cause it'll ruin my paint job. Odd. But at least my room is rockin' the IKEA.

Posted by: Robert at December 19, 2004 8:56 PM
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