April 20, 2005

much better new look

i think i like this setup... maybe a little tweaking to the calendar though. doesnt quite fit in, but i did want it to stand out a little. i can't figure out how to make a border around the whole calandar box. if i try to program a border around it, it puts it around the whole month and each individual date, which i'd be fine with if the date boxes were uniform, but they're sized to fit each number, so the 4th of the month has a little box, but the 14th has a bigger one.

well. other than revamping the look of my blog... what to report? lets see... played raquetball for the first time the other day... my knee is still hurting from it, but it was fun time. i got asked to aopi's pledge dance, so thats cool. her name is julia, who i've met once or twice before, but only last week really talked to her. but it should be a good time. i'm goin out to dinner with rob, brend and brend's dad in a few minutes. his dad is down here giving a speech on divorce legalities or something, and offered to take us out to dinner. how can i refuse a free meal? definitly can't. after that i'm going to papa dells to hang with the pledges and their respective dads (of which i'm one) and the pledge trainer. i'm not going to eat, since i'll have just eaten... but i'm always up for the comradery of my bros and hopeful future bros. after that is P^infinity night at apx. the night that the pledges plan for which everything is p related (p is for Pledges and their Phathers). typically it involves Pokey stix, a movie on the Projector (often Porn), and whatever else P they can come up with. tonight poker is on the list too, so i'm excited about that.

its raining crazy style right now. it was super sunny a little bit ago, then all of a sudden it got really dark and the skies opened up. thunder, lightning, the whole shibang. good times.

well... thats all for now. let me know what you think of the new look.

Posted by hollimer at April 20, 2005 6:04 PM | TrackBack

The calender is set up as a table and each and tag has a class="calendar" attribute in it. That's why they all get a border from the stylesheet. Try taking the class="calendar" out of everything in the table except the itself and try adding a border with the border-style:solid; in the css

Posted by: neil at April 20, 2005 7:06 PM

lol I should've known it would take the html tabs out of my comment... the class="calendar" is in all the "tr", "th", and "td" take all those out and try it with just a class="calendar" in the "div"

Posted by: neil at April 20, 2005 7:08 PM

Or just take the calendar out. I don't think anyone really looks at it or cares.

'swhat I did.

by the way, the webdeveloper extension for firefox...greatest thing ever.

Posted by: mallio at April 21, 2005 1:23 AM
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