May 18, 2005

holy crap!!!

so dan told me about this, but it didnt set in just how amazing it is untill i checked out the website. lallapalooza is back. sorta. it looks like its just chicago, a two day music festival at grant park. $100 a ticket for both days. a little steep, but check out the band list. pixies, weezer, cake, the killers, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, etc, etc, etc. 60 bands on 5 stages. freakin amazing. i wanna go!!!

Posted by hollimer at May 18, 2005 7:29 PM | TrackBack

The 23rd is the same date as Chicago Warped Tour. It's weird that they would do it on the same day. Not that I was going to go to Warped Tour, but I bet this makes a lot of people have to make some tough choices.

Posted by: Joanne at May 19, 2005 12:51 PM
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