March 4, 2006

today is a good day to send a slinky down an escalator

okay, so i was doing some digging through my old blog posts and decided 2 things: 1. i'm a good writer. and 2. i should start again.
so maybe i'm a bit biased, but whatever. thus here i write. no particular purpose, other than to account things. so i worked this morning, 8am yipee. i got off work at 230, so that was cool, but i'd almost rather stay an extra 2 hours since i was there anyway. i found out on thursday that somebody else got the position i applied for... the position i pretty much do the job of right now anyway. it hasnt been formally announced yet, so they wouldnt tell me who got it, but i think it went to this guy that never works in "blue world" (the side of the store i always work in) let alone electronics (it was the electronics specialist position). so i'm a bit disgruntled about that, but whatever. life goes on.
i'd like to get a job that involves being outside this summer, cuz i dont think i'll be able to stand being stuck inside the windowless trifecta of worlds that is target. i was thinking about checking out the lombard pool to see what kind of pay and hours i could get from being a lifeguard. sure its a high-school job. sure it'll pay shit. but what the hell? why not?
well, thats all i have to say for now.

-create. be it writing in a blog, creating pottery, or sketching in the margins of a textbook. just create. its fun.
-listen. listen to everyone. listen to everything. listen to nothing. take it all in.


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