March 16, 2006

immature enough to be a [swiss?] pirate....

i saw a guy that looked suspiciously like santa clause at work today. and a few minutes later a midget walked in.... coincidence? i think not.

actually, i've seen that guy before. he carries business cards on them that say santa clause and some hokey thing about not stopping believing. he said he gives 'em to kids. during christmas... a little cute.... a little creepy. but he seemed like a nice guy.

i'm auditioning for a summer job at navy pier being a part of a group of pirates who entertain the tourists. sounds like it could be pretty sweet, but i dont think i have any chance of getting a part. but hey, it couldnt hurt to try. at the very least it'll be a good experience. i want to do a play this summer if there's anything going on. i really liked doing the "reader theatre" style play last month, and am planning on auditioning for the one next month. being in that last one really whetted my appetite for theatre and acting. i got a lot of positive feedback about my performance. of course it was all from friends and family, so take it with a grain of salt, but i'd really like to get involved in the theatre program at cod. i wish i had gotten daytime classes so i could have the opportunity to be envolved in plays this semester. i'm thinking about only taking like 1 class this summer, depending on what i'm doing for a job, so i'd have time to do a play if there was one.

speaking of summer jobs if i don't get this navy pier gig, i'm thinking about applying to be a lifeguard at the lombard water park. who cares if the pay is crap and i'd be working with a bunch of sixteen year olds? i dont think i'll be able to handle working in the windowless environment of target... i'm just too immature. (they told me one reason i didnt get the position i applied for [the work of which i already did, just didnt have the title or extra pay] was partly because of the maturity level) and rob and i are taking the bartending class this summer so we can become bartenders.... right, griegs? you best be planning on that still.

okay. its almost 2 and i have to get up in the morning.

-vitamin water-that stuff is addicting
-75 sit ups with a 35lb plate. hurts so good.
-going to bed before 2 so that you can:
-wake up before your work calls to tell you you're 20 minutes late like they did this morning

Posted by hollimer at March 16, 2006 1:57 AM

Marcus is heavily involved with the Addison Community Theatre. I can find out what they've got coming up for you.

Posted by: Dan at March 16, 2006 2:02 AM

i want to do the bartending thing too if i'm around

Posted by: jen at March 17, 2006 9:08 AM

Hell yeah we're doing bartending lessons. Furthermore, you should get the job at the commons, I take my camp there almost every day, I did nothing but throw my kids in the pool and ultimately date one of the life guards (not one of the 16 year olds). Plus, the asshole who used to run it all is gone.

Posted by: Griegs at April 9, 2006 10:57 PM


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