April 21, 2006

random stuff

its been a while. here's some things i've noticed/been contemplating:

amp'd mobile's tagline is "have the power to entertain yourself." am i the only one that finds it odd that the power to "entertain yourself" involves watching videos and playing video games? dont get me wrong, i watch tons of movies and have had my share of video game playing, but i'm content with drawing, writing, and on some select occassions... interpretive dance. at any rate: "the power to entertain yourself" in a cell phone is silly.

colbert report is getting real political figures as guests. that is amazing. and awesome. "you're doin a heckuva job, brownie." and ralph nader is on right now. okay... he's not a real political figure. he's just a figment of the presidential election imagination.... but its still pretty cool. "we shouldnt have robots have more power than we." ralph nader is a genius.

toe rings are hot. i dont know why. they're totally rediculous. but they're hot.

if you work at a store, customers automatically assume you are entirely responsible for and have all reaching powers including (but not limited to): what products the store carries, the store layout, clearance items, the apr of the store credit card, the benifits of the store credit card, how often you get shipments of star wars figures and hot wheels cars

hot wheels collectors are dicks.

if asked "can i help you find something" a proper response is "yeah, insert whatever you're looking for here" or "no." improper responses include (but again, not limited to): "yeah, i'm fine." "this lousy store never has what i want anyway." "you have no idea where this thing i'm looking for is." "yeah. a skinny broad with big tits."

philosophy is interesting and fun.

hotness is relative.

heist is an awesome tv show.

i wish i could grow a beard.... but all i have is cinnamon.

although i didnt think all that highly of "The DaVinci Code" as a book i really enjoyed the story and cannot wait for the movie. it looks fantastic.

also carl hiaasen's second movie based on one of his books is coming out soon. it's called hoot, based on his children's novel. his other book turned movie is striptease. i think that fact should be on the poster somewhere. "From the writer of 'Striptease' comes a new film for children: 'Hoot'"ers.

"Breathe Me" by Sia is one of the most intimate songs ever. the lyrics are pretty personal, but she's barely singing them so its turned way up. it sounds like she's whispering these things to you. you can hear her lips smack. you can hear her swallow. its so incredibly personal it almost feels dirty. i love it.

Fort Minor, Mike Shinoda's (the guy from linkin park) new side project, is awesome. "Where'd You Go" featuring Holly Brook is amazing. i really dig holly brook's voice. listen to her song "saturday" on her myspace webpage. Fort Minor's "remember the name" was released under a creative commons license for a remix contest.

creative commons is awesome. i'm planning on doing a bit of actual design on my blog, not just revamping the color scheme... i have very little idea where to begin, but i know i need to figure out how to throw a creative commons button up on this mofo for ever individual post.

i've said that i have no desire to get a tatoo, but one tatoo that i'd actually thought would be pretty sweet is a creative commons logo on my hand between my thumb and forefinger. since i'm planning on being an artist (on some scale) and am all about creative expression. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so why wouldnt i want somebody to borrow my ideas and meld it with their own to produce something possibly even better? everything i create would fall out into creative commons land. and it would be glorious.... okay, i'll prolly never get a tatoo, but i thought it was a cool idea... although i had given a little thought into looking into becomeing a tatoo artist. but i think i'm more apt to teaching.

what if the bible was actually based on some creative commons licensed stories.... i just blew your mind, didnt i? man i'm tire.d

okay. well thats all for now. i've had some writing related creative ideas recently... so possibly expect those soonish. maybe. we'll see.

lucky number slevin, thank you for smoking, boondock saints, heist (the tv show), teachers (the nbc sitcom.... okay, its not great but i like it).

Posted by hollimer at April 21, 2006 12:10 AM

ick. i really need to do something with this page's design.

Posted by: hollimer at April 21, 2006 12:08 AM
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