May 10, 2006

random awesomeness

the six minute project is about taking a picture every 6 minutes of 24 waking hours (ie it pauses during your sleeping) it seems silly, but watching the 2 slideshows they have up shows some semblence of a storyline. kinda creepy, but rather interesting.

newsflash: John Krasinski just came out on leno and he's awesome. (he's jim on the office. and the office is amazing) he's currently the only listed character on imdb for a movie called "Brief interviews with hideous men. i'm not making fun. i'd love to be the first listed person on a movie on imdb. i'd even love to be credited with "hideous man number 1" ...maybe not that much, but its still kinda funny.

so i'm goin downtown tomorrow to see conan, so thats awesome. and jack's play is friday night. and i'm auditioning for some plays at cod on saturday. mothers day on sunday. kinda busy week, but pretty awesome. check back later for updates on all fronts.

Posted by hollimer at May 10, 2006 12:03 AM
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