May 19, 2006

Firefly and Serenity

so i just finished watching serenity, and have recently finished watching firefly. if you dont know, firefly was this tv show that was on for only 1 season round about 2003, and serenity was the movie of the same characters. the story line of the show is basically... well basically it's pirates meets western set in space.

(warning: slight "Geek Geek Geek. Nerd Nerd Nerd." writing coming up)

the special effects werent great in the tv show, but it was still cool. couldnt see the wires, anyway. they dont use laser guns (the government army does), but rather they use guns with bullets. although they occassionally still make a slight lasery sound with the gunshot sound.

i didnt want to watch the show and movie at first, cuz i knew i was gonna digg it and i'd get mad that there's only one season to watch. i was right. but the show is awesome. its more believable than most sci-fi movies. there's no aliens. the premise of the universe they're in is that earth was way too overpopulated but this solar system was found that was relatively similar to ours and had a bunch of planets and moons that they "terriformed" to make them have the same atmosphere and gravity as earth.

the one thing that i really loved was the random boughts of chinese. the thought behind that was that the united states and china were the two remaining superpowers, so basically everybody spoke both english and chinese. that was a cool way of illustrating the history of this universe without actually spelling it out.

like i said, there's a definite western feel. they use pistols regularly. the dress of some of the characters was very western looking. others not so much. one character regularly wears hawaiian shirts.

cinematagraphically (i think i might've made that word up) speaking, some of it was rather cheesey. you might've not noticed, but you rarely see zoom used in movies. it does look rather... rough sometimes. but thats what added to the flavor of this show. it added to the western feel.

one thing i didnt like that didnt transfer from the show to the movie was the music. yes, there was music in the movie, but it wasnt this accousitc westerny sounding soundtrack like the show. that was one thing i really liked about the show.

long story short, its a cool concept and a great show/movie. check it out sometime.

Posted by hollimer at May 19, 2006 4:43 PM

Yeah, the movie was pretty good, never watched the show though. Before i saw it it was described to me as Deadwood in space with less swearing. Never saw deadwood either.

Anyway, this was another show with an extremely dedicated following that was just slightly too small for Fox to keep it. And another reason that lots of people are pissed at fox. It's the Arrested Development of the nerd world.

There is actually a pretty funny song about it to the tune of "A boy named sue" called "A man named Jayne" by The Great Luke Ski that I heard on Dr. Demento a while back. I can't find it anywhere online though.

Posted by: mallio at May 19, 2006 4:54 PM

Yeah, I'm a pretty big firefly/serenity fan. Of course, I love space westerns. Just because something is set in space doesn't mean it has to be all "spacey" and Star Trek.

The "man named jayne" song is used in the firefly episode where they visit a mud farming planet (or *something* ridiculous like that) and jayne was a sort of robin hood character.

I kinda know what you mean about zoom... HOWEVER there's one spot on one of the episodes where they are robbing the safe and the town gets attacked by reevers where they are being followed by a reever ship, and suddenly the view zooms in on the ugly, fume-belching beast. I think its a pretty dramatic shot. Seems like a zoom on a scope or something. Anyway.... I like it.

One other note on the cinematography... for the TV series, they actually built the WHOLE interior of the ship as a set not just a few rooms here and there like most sets are. They made good use of this in the TV series, doign a lot of minute-plus long unbroken shots, following various characters throughout the ship. This, IMHO, is WAY COOL. perhaps even undeniably cool. Well, that's that. Too bad there are no more.

Posted by: matty at May 20, 2006 11:49 PM
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