June 30, 2006

Blue Wire

This is an installation I did for my 3d design class at C.O.D. The assignment was to use 100 (or more) linear objects to "draw in space" and create a piece that was visually light. After a few failed attempts at other media, actually in attempts to hang the other media I decided wire would be interesting, so I went out and bought a spool of 500 feet of copper wire with blue plastic insulation. I cut about 200 18-24 inch wire lengths and then twisted them back together and used them to lead around the Arts Center. The "beginning" of the piece is at the spool and it shoots up through a cutout that leads to the second floor. The wire snakes around upstairs and comes back down another cutout and terminates at a sphere-like piece that consists of about 50 of the lengths of wire bundled tightly at the bottom (with more wire) then bent into shape. Most of the piece was only up for 2 days because some higher ups in the building said it was "unsafe" because part of it was on the floor and people could trip on it. The "sphere" portion of it remained up longer. Ideally for this piece i would have prefered to use one piece of wire and snake it around without any breaks in it.

For me this piece became about using everyday materials and making art out of it, simply because I said it was art. Many people thought it was just some electrician's sloppy work at the end with the spool, and I was okay with that. It was the intent, actually. Almost like a secret piece of art, that maybe you were lucky enough to realize the sphere was related to the spool, but maybe you didn't catch it. I overheard some people walking down the hall having a conversation "So is it art, or isn't it?" about this piece and that makes me happy. There's always some art on display around the building but rarely is it actually discussed, so I found that extremely gratifying.

I really like my concept, and like the sphere, but the piece as a whole is not as great as I had hoped/think it could have been. Like I said, it would be much stronger of an impact if it was one single long piece of wire. I really do like the look of the sphere, and the color of the wire insulation is awesome. Feel free (read: please) leave some feedback.

Posted by hollimer at June 30, 2006 1:27 AM

That's pretty awesome, man. You gotta love art that makes people question what art is. Very postmodern.

Posted by: diddy at July 1, 2006 5:49 PM
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