June 14, 2004

Workin hard for the money

Finally, I started work at my uncle's architecture firm. I'm pretty much the gopher, but its fun. Everybody is very nice, and a lot of fun to work with. I had to go to Border's to buy 5 copies of one magazine, so that was cool (one of the firm's works got published in Interior Design). anyway, I'm tired, and I got therapy in the morning, so here's Eastlake's logo, I'm going to bed.

man that logo looks shitty on the black background.... oh well. oh yeah, we're designing a new website, this one is super outdated.... check back in a couple weeks (prolly like 1) if you feel so inclined.

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June 10, 2004


iPod.... Windsor!!!!!!!! that is all.

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June 9, 2004

i wAnt aN iPod nOw

so i'm gettin an iPod for my birthday, but I cant wait.... I want it now!!! I've been doin so much research on them, and I cant wait to get my hands on it. I want to find some way of getting some sort of deal on it, but i doubt that'll happen. Every once in a while we get a coupon for 10% off something at Best Buy, so I'm hoping we get one soon, but there just was one of those coupon sales a couple weeks ago. I'm splitting it with my parents for my birthday, if we get it before my birthday, Mom said I'd still have to wait till my birthday to get it... We'll see about that, there's no way she could keep it from me. I actually thought about just buying one tonight at the Apple store.... yeah, so iPod... Gimme Gimme Gimme.

look at the awesomeness...

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June 8, 2004


Driftin away... What? this isn't "Grease." Anyway, summer is kinda draggin on right now, not being able to do much really blows. I guess it's not limiting me as much as it could be, but either way, I'm really ready to be back to good health.

Today is Tuesday, BWW day.... sweeeeeeet. Startin work on Monday, so that's definitley going to make this summer fly by, no doubt. Still yearning to be 19 so I can go to Windsor. It's not so much the gambling and drinking, as it is getting away from my family, and spending time with my friends. Definitely lookin forward to that. I think a roadtrip anywhere with my friends would/is going to kick ass.

Thats all for now... good god its hot in here.

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June 5, 2004


I'm soooo tired..... more later. maybe.

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June 4, 2004

Poker Rules

Poker night at the Pandymen's was fun. 8 people playin a five dollar game was pretty sweet, then another 4 people came and started a dollar game. I won (25 bucks) Sar came in 2nd with 10 and Rob 3rd with 5, breaking even. Its always nice to win, but its especially nice keeping Brend from winning. Nothing against the guy, but his rattling off statistics is about the most annoying thing ever when playin poker. I dont care what the odds are, I care what the cards are, I care what the chip count is, I care that my chip count is higher than yours.

So yeah, poker tonight was fun... And it only makes me more impatient about going to Windsor. Maybe I should get some sleep... Good night, blog.

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June 3, 2004

New Look To The New Blog

Hmmm... I dont know about the green, but I do like the white on black as opposed to the usual black on white. let me know what you think.

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Late Night Road Trip Desires

So I wanna go on a road trip to Canada. Not for a while, till the later half of the summer so I can gamble and drink. Windsor is only like 4 hours away. I'm gung-ho about this, and I know other people would go, but so far Jennie ____ (sp?) is the only one who has publicly expressed interest on boardix. I want to go either end of july or sometime in August. If we go end of July we can see the Corvette show... That'd be awesome. I could win big in the casino and then buy a Corvette from somebody who restore one... that'd be soooo kick ass.... enough dreaming.

Seriously though, a road trip to Windsor then possibly a trip to Sandusky, OH for Cedar Point for a day afterwards or something would be awesome. I'm so down for any roadtrip this summer. Maybe incorporate a night or two of camping into the plan, that'd be sweet too. Dad bought a big 5 man tent, and I've got my 2 person tent. I know other people have tents too... hmmm, I should suggest that to everybody.

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Late Night Thoughts

Yeah, so today has been a long day. Had a fight, fixed the problem, everything is back to normal.... everything but my leg. I asked the physical therapist assistant how long a recovery I should be expecting here, I mean, nobody's said anything about how long I'm really going to be out of commission. She starts off saying, "Well, I've seen people take 6 months." To that I let out a moan, I mean seriously, 6 months? I wanna run, jump, bike, play basketball; hell, I just wanna walk. Then she goes on, "but sometimes it takes up to a full year." Are you kidding me? 6 months is best case senario???? I dont think I can handle that.

You never realize how lucky you are that you can walk, run, jump, bike, do anything, until you cant. It blows. Well, I'll bust my butt at therapy, and hopefully I'll break the 6th month record that the therapist assistant saw....

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June 1, 2004

It starts

Check it out... I gots a blog. Well, not much to report now. Had a doc appointment today, swelling is too much so i'm supposed to use the crutches more. on the plus side, I got permission to go in the hot tub, just in time for rob's hot tub night tonight... sweetness. b-dubs and hot tubs... :: kool-aide man voice :: oh yeah!!

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