February 11, 2005

5 seconds

lets see... what to report. went to church on wed, didnt even brag about it to my mom. though if she asks i will. but i digress... whats new whats new.... well, rob and i saw a commercial for a contest to make a movie, and instantly we look at each other and new we had to do it. its gotta be no longer than 5 seconds... thats right, 5 freakin seconds. there are 4 categories to choos from: drama, comedy, action/adventure, biography. doing a drama or biography in 5 seconds could prove difficult, so we're opting for the action/adventure one.... with a sprinkling of comedy.

so yeah, we're gonna film that tomorrow and he's gonna edit the crap outta it super fast cuz its due in 6 days. speaking of which, i should start working on the music for it... so i guess thats all for now.

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February 5, 2005

i'm really good at wasting time

I am worth $2,291,650.00 on HumanForSale.com

i'm totally worth more than that.... psht

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