March 8, 2005

it's been a while

yikes, been a while since i posted in here... well, lets see updates. i'm in the training program at WPGU 107.1 to become a dj. so thats cool. if things go well there's 2-3 shifts opening up next week. a couple opened up this week and were filled by these two guys who were on air staff at their high school radio station, so i dont feel too bad that they beat me out. when i eventually get a shift, it'll prolly be a 3-6am shift, but whatever, still a shift. if you arent in the chambana area, you'll still be able to listen on our streaming webcasts. 3-6 would actually be pretty good time for anybody over in europe to have a listen, but i'll keep my european pals, as well as the states-side ones, up to date if i get a shift.

illini lost their last game of the season, first loss of the season. heartbreaking, but at least it was now and not during tournament time.

spring break is a week and half away, so thats exciting. goin to florida with 11 other people, staying in a hotel on an island beach. pretty pimp. driving the 16 hour drive, which i'm actually pretty excited about. i'm a fan of road trips. when my parents said we're goin to florida this summer and we're driving i kinda moaned, but i like road trips. especially now that i can drive. i eventually want to take a cross country road trip with just like 2 or 3 other people tops. that'd be fun. just one car on a month long journey across america.

i have a pledge son this semester, john. he's a cool kid.

rob and i made that 5 second movie. didnt win anything, but we did it... which is further than we've gotten in a long while when it comes to making our movie ideas. he even edited an extended version that was more along the lines of what we were picturing when we were planning/writing the movie. there's another movie contest, this one the movie can be up to 7 minutes long, that we're talking about entering. grand prize is a $50,000 american express gift card, they said to make more movies with... which i'm sure we'd definitely do if we won it (and even if we dont), but we'd definitely have to splurge on something fun. he said he had some satire idea for a movie that we could use. so hopefully we make another movie, cuz thats fun stuff.

my friend carrie fell off her sorority house's fire escape last week and broke her jaw. so that blows, but its a lot better than it could've been (i.e. paralyzing her, dying). she's comin back down here from home today, so we'll get to see her tonight sometime.

i finished reading the Da Vinci Code... good story, crappy book. i'm writing a bit of a review of it, but i'll post that later. dont hate me cuz i dont think its the best book i've ever read... cuz it isnt. i dont know what all the hype is about. i mean, its a cool idea/story. there are thought provoking topics, but as a book, its written at a 5th grade level. made for an easy, quick read though.

thats all for now. here's some recommendations:
"beach read": da vinci code
awesome song: "Catch my Disease" Ben Lee
awesome radio station: WPGU
awesome spring break plans: road trip with friends to somewhere warmer

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