May 26, 2005

marathon? why not.

my one week trial membership to bally's just expired today, so i ran outside. i had been running on a treadmill at the gym, a couple miles a day, but i hate treadmills. i can't run as hard on a treadmill as i can on my own. i dont know what it is, whenever i tell people this they always tell me they're the exact opposite. that a machine setting their pace is easier. but for some reason when i set the pace i can push myself harder than if i'm looking at a number saying "hey, you're running this fast, with this time for 1 mile." before i came home i ran 1 mile on the track at crce/wimpe in just over five and a half minutes. tuesday i started running outside and i ran about 3 miles in just over 20 minutes. yesterday i ran about 4-5 miles in a half hour, and today i just got back from running 7 miles in about 45-50 minutes. i didnt walk at all during the run today. and amazingly i keep pushing myself harder and further and it doesnt hurt any more than if i only ran a mile. well i guess it hurts a little more than that. maybe if i just run a mile i'll realize that it doesnt hurt at all anymore.

at any rate, i enjoy running. helps clear the mind. so i was thinking about running in the chicago marathon. its in october which would allow for plenty of serious training. its something i've always said i wanted to do, but never seriously thought about pursuing it, other than an eventual goal. so why not now? anyway, i'm gonna go to the library now. look up some stuff on training. possibly alter my diet a little. go all swiston and not eat anything good. or maybe go on that one that jon talked about. thats all veggies, nuts, chocolate, and wine.... maybe not.

the one thing that is making me doubt doing a marathon is what it actually is based on: the guy running from marathon to athens... then promptly dropping dead. doesnt sound like something i want to do. i guess thats why there's training. and waterbottles.

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May 18, 2005

holy crap!!!

so dan told me about this, but it didnt set in just how amazing it is untill i checked out the website. lallapalooza is back. sorta. it looks like its just chicago, a two day music festival at grant park. $100 a ticket for both days. a little steep, but check out the band list. pixies, weezer, cake, the killers, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, etc, etc, etc. 60 bands on 5 stages. freakin amazing. i wanna go!!!

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May 16, 2005


saw julia today, which was nice, but sucks cuz she's now on an airplane to vienna. won't see her for a month. craptastic timing. oh well, i'll survive. prolly gonna pick her up from the airport and drive her back to urbana when she gets back, so i'm looking forward to that.

currently i'm looking to get a job... prolly will be delivering pizzas for papa john's, and hopefully get my district 45 job back. tomorrow i'm driving mom and jack to school, then mowing the lawn, going to lunch to see my old english teacher, dr. haugan, then grocery shopping cuz i'm cooking dinner tomorrow night... so that should be interesting.

starwars comes out on thursday. i'm all about seeing that asap. and thats about it for now.

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May 9, 2005

random rant

so i was just watching mtv's "room raiders," a show in which one person goes through 3 different peoples rooms and picks one of them for a date simply by the contents of their room. kinda a cool concept, i think. get some sorta insight into them without actually meeting them. anyway, at the end of this episode, the 3 guys who's rooms were getting searched got to go raid her room. she had paris hilton's book. upon questioning, the girl said that paris hilton is her role model.... good god. i dont mind that she's famous, or that she's got a tv show. good for her, capitalist america at its best. no talent, and stupid, but still manages to make a bunch of cash being super dumb. more power to her. but a role model for people? i dont know about that. meh. i guess i can appreciate her success as being worthy of trying to achieve, but what has she done to be successful? nothing. if i was heir to the hilton fortune i could be just as successful for not doing crap too. but i think i'd actually do something. this post was a really poor train of thought. i apologize that you just read it. i just wanted to rant about that. on a more positive note i'm now dating julia. so thats cool. although kinda sucky timing, since i'm going home on thursday and she's going to austria for a month on monday. but such is life. i like her a lot, so i can deal with it till august when i'm back in town.

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May 6, 2005

a couple cool things

another free itunes sampler album. it's 13 full length tracks. for free.

message in a bottle. you email a message to someone on a coast, they put it in a bottle and toss it in the ocean.

picturing marvin doing the dancing ipod commercials makes me laugh

take any pic online and convert it into ascii art

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