June 20, 2005

June 8, 2005


having a discussion with someone about schedules for the next few days when you're about to go to bed and they're just waking up does not work. i'm about to go to sleep, and dad is just waking up. he comes in to tell me that jack has some fishing something or other tonight that he wants me to take him to. okay, let me hop in my time machine and do that for you. oh wait, your tonight. gotcha. do i have to watch him tomorrow? nope, i'll be home. then why are you awake right now? because i'm going to work today. you asked about tomorrow. oh. right, i'm still on yesterday. worst case senario, sleep is just good for keeping track of what day it is. maybe if i convince everyone to keep the sleep schedule of a college student i can better understand when the heck i'm talking about. maybe not. maybe i'll sleep on it. or maybe i'll just sleep on my bed. right now. zzzzzzzzzz. wiat, this is my keyboard. to the bed!

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June 7, 2005

i love these things

and the new pulp fiction one is my new favorite

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