February 1, 2006


pot as in ceramics.... anyway, this is my first major assignment for my ceramics class. the requirements were to make a coil pot (constructed of coils, whether or not the coils were visible on the outside or were smoothed out was up to us) that was at least 16 inches high and had a "window looking through it, but without showing the interior of the figure" (so basically a tunnel). my tunnel doesnt go straight through, it goes down from about a third of the way down the pot to nearly the bottom, but there's an angle in the middle of the tunnel that i'm going to put a mirror at to allow the viewer to see through it. gotta fire it first, and possibly glaze it. not sure on the glaze yet. i'll post some better pics after i fire it. these i just snapped real quick before i had to run to class to turn it in.


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