May 25, 2006

take a dip in the stream of consciousness

scrubs is awesome. i tried to pinpoint why it is awesome, but there's a bunch of factors. but if i had to pick one huge factor that may get overlooked i'd say the soundtrack. the music on scrubs is awesome. they should sell a soundtrack for the show that is every single song used in every single episode. i'd buy it. though it'd prolly cost like two hundred bucks.

cooking is fun, but freakin time consuming. i suppose it would be quicker if i did it more and got the motions down. i made chicken parmesan last night, with the sauce from scratch. it was tasty, but took a long freakin time. i never plan out the timing quite right and it ends up taking way longer than i expected. last night wasnt too bad, but it wasnt ready till like a half hour after i had planned. i made the dough yesterday for the pizza i'm making tonight. not quite sure how its gonna turn out because i thought it was supposed to rise more than it did... but we'll see what happens. should be pretty quick to make tonight...

watched "melinda and melinda" last night. it was pretty good. great concept. being that it was two playwrights(inconceivable!) discussing the story i thought it was funny that the acting was done as though it was a play. i'm not sure what it is about plays, but they always seem less realistic than your average movie. maybe it's the dialogue. a whole lot of plays are not written the way people talk. and i suppose you only have one chance and no editing to fix things in a play. i'm not saying its bad, but there's definitely a play feel to plays. and there was to this movie. will ferrel cracks me up. he was so spaztic in this movie. kinda reminded me of myself when he cooking and running all over the kitchen. don't try to make pizza dough and tomato sauce at the same time. or if you do, time it out better than i did. i'm really good at cutting up onions. i'm not sure when that happened, cuz i swear the last time i made guacamole, my guac is awesome and lime tastic, i swear the onions took forever to cut up and i was tearing up like a kid who scraped his knee. the weather is beautiful. okay, not quite beautiful. its overcast, but it is like 70 and its only 1015 in the morning. so thats nice. i'm a fan of warm weather. i'd like abit of sun... not that my skin really likes the sun, but whateva. hidden tracks are awesome. so is the album bat out of hell. i was told that it was sad that i was not well aquainted with meat loaf. after listening to that album more times than i'd like to admit in the last week, i think i agree. polyphonic spree (itunes just randomized across one of their songs was and i'm assuming still is, a very trippy band/cult. i want to be in a band. trumpet is not a great instrument for a band though. i mean, yeah there's cake and ska bands, and polyphonic spree. but whatver. mix tapes are time consuming endeavours. i think i might get a haircut soon. mabe not. why do good haircuts have to cost so much. hell even bad haircuts arent that cheap. i got a 5 dollar bill for change yesterday at jewel. its actually a 5 dollar silver certificate. the bottom says "Five Dollars in silver payable to the bearer on demand." i kinda want to go demand my five dollars silver... but that's probably not a whole lot of silver. maybe if i can find a whole bunch of these i could get like a silver brick. i tried to find out if it was worth anything more than 5 bucks. some guy was selling one on ebay for a starting bid of 4.99 plus a couple bucks shipping, so i'm guessing its not really worth much. rob and i want to make a documentary of a road trip we want to take. it could be awesome. heck, just the roadtrip, sans documentary, would be awesome. but if we did some good planning, it could actually be a pretty sweet documentary. today is towel day. so don't forget to bring a towel because its about the most massively useful thing you could have. x-men 3 opens tomorrow, and call me dorky but i'm excited about that. and superman returns. and snakes on a plane. and clerks 2. and the break up movie. and cars. and nacho libre. and a scanner darkly. and pirates of the carabbean 2. and miami vice. and that will ferrel nascar movie. so many movies. such a short summer. oh. i dont think i've posted this, i got cast as the constable and eadom o' the blue boar in robin hood at cod. its running the last two weekends in july. its also outside (inside if its raining, but hopefully it wont be). my birthday is the tuesday before opening weekend, so the first weekend in august will be mucho celebration. do you plunder? i have been known to plunder. oh scrubs. you so funny. aw man the shaft theme song! itunes rocks my random socks. i really want to play in band again. or sing in a barbershop quartet. just need to learn to sing... anybody know of anyplace with karaoke around here? cuz i gots a hankerin. that is all.

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May 19, 2006

Firefly and Serenity

so i just finished watching serenity, and have recently finished watching firefly. if you dont know, firefly was this tv show that was on for only 1 season round about 2003, and serenity was the movie of the same characters. the story line of the show is basically... well basically it's pirates meets western set in space.

(warning: slight "Geek Geek Geek. Nerd Nerd Nerd." writing coming up)

the special effects werent great in the tv show, but it was still cool. couldnt see the wires, anyway. they dont use laser guns (the government army does), but rather they use guns with bullets. although they occassionally still make a slight lasery sound with the gunshot sound.

i didnt want to watch the show and movie at first, cuz i knew i was gonna digg it and i'd get mad that there's only one season to watch. i was right. but the show is awesome. its more believable than most sci-fi movies. there's no aliens. the premise of the universe they're in is that earth was way too overpopulated but this solar system was found that was relatively similar to ours and had a bunch of planets and moons that they "terriformed" to make them have the same atmosphere and gravity as earth.

the one thing that i really loved was the random boughts of chinese. the thought behind that was that the united states and china were the two remaining superpowers, so basically everybody spoke both english and chinese. that was a cool way of illustrating the history of this universe without actually spelling it out.

like i said, there's a definite western feel. they use pistols regularly. the dress of some of the characters was very western looking. others not so much. one character regularly wears hawaiian shirts.

cinematagraphically (i think i might've made that word up) speaking, some of it was rather cheesey. you might've not noticed, but you rarely see zoom used in movies. it does look rather... rough sometimes. but thats what added to the flavor of this show. it added to the western feel.

one thing i didnt like that didnt transfer from the show to the movie was the music. yes, there was music in the movie, but it wasnt this accousitc westerny sounding soundtrack like the show. that was one thing i really liked about the show.

long story short, its a cool concept and a great show/movie. check it out sometime.

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May 10, 2006

random awesomeness

the six minute project is about taking a picture every 6 minutes of 24 waking hours (ie it pauses during your sleeping) it seems silly, but watching the 2 slideshows they have up shows some semblence of a storyline. kinda creepy, but rather interesting.

newsflash: John Krasinski just came out on leno and he's awesome. (he's jim on the office. and the office is amazing) he's currently the only listed character on imdb for a movie called "Brief interviews with hideous men. i'm not making fun. i'd love to be the first listed person on a movie on imdb. i'd even love to be credited with "hideous man number 1" ...maybe not that much, but its still kinda funny.

so i'm goin downtown tomorrow to see conan, so thats awesome. and jack's play is friday night. and i'm auditioning for some plays at cod on saturday. mothers day on sunday. kinda busy week, but pretty awesome. check back later for updates on all fronts.

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May 2, 2006

today is pretty awesome

the weather was beautiful, i won tickets to the chicago premiere of Mission Impossible 3, got a date to said premiere, and found out that dave chappelle is the guest when i'm supposed to see conan next week. glorious.

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