November 16, 2006

wii vs ps3

so i work at target. we're getting/selling 39 wii's at the launch on sunday. sony has so wisely decided to send us 8 of the 60 gig version, and 2 of the 20 gig version of the ps3. i'm sure we'll sell out of the ps3 units right as the store opens, i'm not as sure about the wii, but lets just say we sold out of those on the launch day too. thats 250 bucks a unit, times 39 units: 9750 dollars. if we sell all the ps3 units: 5800 dollars.

nintendo has also sent out wii accessories that we've had availible for purchase for the last few weeks. (to "promote excitement and awareness about the wii"). i dont think i've seen any of that crap get bought (wii dogtags, carrying cases, giftcards, etc), but it was there. even if they werent buying the stuff, they were seeing it and, on some level, aware of it. playstation finally had some ps3 giftcards last week (that we, for some reason put on our wii endcap... i doubt thats what nintendo intended to pay for with those endcaps, but whatever), and at the very end of last week we got and installed our ps3 playable display. exciting, i thought, but honestly, havent seen any more people playing that then the ds, the ps2, the gamecube, or xbox.

i've been told that hardware isnt what makes money, its accessories. but if there's ten people with the hardware vs thirty-nine... well wouldnt you expect to make more money off accessories if you've got more people who need them?

my point? there doesnt seem to be nearly as much excitement around the ps3 as i had expected there to be. yeah, we get multiple calls about people wanting to buy them on friday, but the limited supply, i expect most of them to resell on ebay. so yeah, people are willing to pay an arm and a leg to get a ps3, and then 2 arms and a 3 legs (one from their firstborn) to buy one the day after launch on ebay, but reselling isnt making sony any more money. the limited supply... its just dumb.

i'm excited for wii. and i think nintendo handled this launch better... but i suppose time will tell.

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