August 29, 2007

i have no strong feelings about lists

some things i've learned this summer during my marathon training:

-running lots makes me very hungry all the time.
-little yappy dogs can be just as in the way as bigger dogs
-little yappy dog owners don't realize this, making their little yappy dog more in the way that bigger dogs
-runners are nice people and almost all will give some friendly greeting in passing
-running is much easier when you have someone on your tail
-running is much easier when you have someone to chase
-when its 90+ degrees out people still run
-90+ degrees is noticeably hot when you check your pace
-90+ degrees warrants running shirtless
-running shirtless is so much more comfortable
-running with a shirt can lead to chaffed nipples
-chaffed nipples are not a fun thing. at all.
-chaffed legs are not fun either.
-chaffed nipples are worse.
-18 miles (the longest run i've done so far) is really freaking far
-20 miles (which i'm running sept 16th) is even farther
-26 miles 285 yards is a silly distance (due to its odd number and obscene distance)
-listening to music while running can take your mind off the pain of running
-focusing on the pain of running makes me run faster
-a haircut does wonders for keeping cool while running
-chicks running are hot. but not necessarily attractive
-blisters can happen anywhere on your feet, including, but not limited to: achilles tendon, heel, side of foot, side of toes (keep your toenails trimmed), and tips of toes
-runners high is awesome
-people don't understand why you'd want to run 26.2 miles, let alone why you'd want to do all the training necessary to successfully run a marathon
-i'm not sure i do either, but its awesome

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