August 24, 2008

no title.

-i said i would write more.
-thus i do.
-but only in bullet form.

i appreciate all the commenters of comments i choose not to publish. favorites include:
-vacuum pump (did they know i'm having pool filter issues? oh... wait. that kind of pump. well, still thanks.... i think)
-anna kornikova gets a facial (and assumedly gives your computer a virus)
-the rarest luxury phones ever (made by lamborgini, supposedly)

but the real reason i write is to tell you of Julia Nunes.
-think zooey deschanel
-plus more zooey deschanel singing backups (through the magic of video editing)
-plus ukulele
-equals awesome.
-and on youtube. (i'm partial to her beach boys cover.

okay, watch some of her awesome ukulele-ness and appreciate its... awesomeness (i need a thesaurus), then go watch her cover of jesus walks. oh em gee. its high lair ee us.

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August 1, 2008


about to head out to lolla '08! but i was watching music videos on vh1, and i submit to you that modonna is a bad dancer. seriously. i'm not saying that i'm a good dancer, but i noticed this one "dance move" in the 4 minutes to save the world video that consisted of her pointing at the camera with her hands shaped like a little kid's playing cops and robbers. and she does it in this new video with pharell. i'm just saying, it's like the running man, the lawn mower, or the shopping cart: the stick up. watch for it, i'm gonna start the trend at lolla... ya know, cuz i had such success popularizing the midget sea captain.

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